Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bayh's Influence In Iowa

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh's PAC paid 25 staffers to help in Iowa state legislature races. The GOP credits those staffers with helping the Dems victory. No word yet on how much Bayh's staffers helped in New Hampshire.

The Indiana Senator also released the following statement, “Tonight, the American people sent a strong message to Washington that they are sick of the partisanship, the ideological extremism, and the corruption that has impeded our path to national greatness. The results give us hope for a better direction for the country and a better future for the Democratic Party."

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Rob said...

Here's a summary of the Camp Bayh'ers... Their effect on NH's races were harder to gauge because they weren't directly associated with campaigns... Nationwide, the Camp Bayh'ers associated with campaigns had a 72% winning percentage.


Maria Angelica Aguayo – Tom Hayhurst – IN-4 Challenger – Lost
Lucas John Burkett – Joe Donnelly – IN-2 Challenger - Won
Jayson Chubb – Brad Ellsworth – IN-8 Challenger - Won
Julie Fernatt - Indiana Democratic Party – Indiana Democrats regain control of IN House
Lauren Smith – Baron Hill – IN-9 Challenger - Won

Iowa -

Erin Andrew – Michael Mauro - IA Secretary of State - Won
Robert Brennan – Chet Culver – IA Governor - Won
Victoria Dillon – Staci Appel – IA State Senate – Won
Grant Gustafson – Art Staed - Iowa State House - Won
Kristine Kippins – Rich Olive – Iowa State Senate - Won
Cliff Kuehn – Pete McRoberts - Iowa State House - Lost
Caroline Merkel – Bruce Braley – IA-1 - Won
Melanie Muenzer – Leonard Boswell – IA-3 - Won
David Osborne – Merle Johnson - Iowa State Senate - Lost
Matt Ottinger – Doris Kelley - Iowa State House - Won
Jonathan Parker – Selden Spencer – IA-4 - Lost
Brent Pierce – Roger Tabor Stewart – Iowa State Senate - Won
Allison Pulliam – Bob Kressig - Iowa State House - Won
Jason Rector – Bill Heckroth - Iowa State Senate - Won
James Ryan – Becky Schmitz - Iowa State Senate - Lost
Melanie Scott – Nathan Reichert – Iowa State House - Won
James Tyll – Amanda Ragan - Iowa State Senate - Won
Elliot Vice - Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Simeon Talley - Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Jillian Dykhoff - Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Craig Muenzer - Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Rohan Patel - Iowa Senate Democratic Caucus
Brendan Summers - Iowa House Democratic Caucus


Alex Harman – Tessa Hafen – NV-3 - Lost
Marlon Mosley – Jill Derby – NV-2 - Lost
Damion Trasada - Catherine Cortez Masto - NV Attorney General - Won

South Carolina

Sven Hurty - SC Democratic Party

New Hampshire

Torey Collins – Paul Hodes – NH-2 - Won
Nicole Miller - NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Seren Orgel - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Aliza Pain - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Nina Kauffman - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Morgan Pinnell - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Steven Randazzo - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Lori Bryant - Committee to Elect House Democrats
Sarah Seipelt - Committee to Elect House Democrats
Danielle Serratore - New Hampshire Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Chester DiBari - Manchester City Democratic Committee
Maggie Leuzarder - Manchester City Democratic Committee
Scott Stephanou - Franklin City Democratic Committee
Beth Swickard - Nashua City Democratic Committee