Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Romney Crunches The Numbers

Gov. Mitt Romney PAC send out the an e-mail with the following numbers.

-Romney has raised $8.75 million and distributed nearly $1.4million, across 36 states.
-Romney campaigned for more than 55 attended over 75 different campaign events for federal and gubernatorial candidates alone. In addition, Romney participated in 23 state and county GOP events.
-Romney sent out more than 400,000 mail pieces to help support the Republican effort.
-Romney helped the RGA raise $26 million and distributed $24million.


Stephen said...

Do we REALLY want to bring up Mitt's stewardship of the Republican Governor's Association, a day after the disastrous loss of governorships across the nation - including in his own state?

Where was all that money spent, exactly? Frankly, where was it spent here in NH, where we pretty much went "blue" and the candidates for state senate were running dry of funds?

Mitt failed to build up the Mass. GOP so badly that, for state offices, there were more candidates from the Green Rainbow Party challenging Democrat incumbents than Republicans.

Final question: He raised $8.75 million PERSONALLY? And he distributed ONLY $1.4 million of it? What exactly is he saving the rest for? There's no election in December. Does he know that?

Rob said...

Yeah a sign of a good governor is getting your replacement elected...

Warner did it in Virginia... Bayh did it in Indiana... Vilsack did it in Iowa...

Mitt... you missed a big chance to put a feather in your cap...