Sunday, December 10, 2006

Monitor Slams Romney

In today's issue, The Concord Monitor slammed Mitt Romney. The Monitor, had an extensive piece that detailed Romney's shift on abortion and same-sex marriages. Here is the opening paragraphs of the article:

"The Mitt Romney who twice ran for statewide office in Massachusetts is a different politician from the Romney who will likely court New Hampshire voters in the 2008 Republican presidential primary.

As a Massachusetts candidate, Romney pledged to keep abortion "safe and legal." He called on the Republican Party to provide "more support" for the gay and lesbian community and won the support of many gay Republicans. In a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1, he painted himself as a social moderate."

The article ended with a quote from Rob Thomas, director of the New Hampshire Coalition of Families, who said that New Hampshire voters are "not going to be any fools."

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Mark Grasso said...

you know, they are right. As hard as it is for me to admit it, they are right. Romney is going to be effectively labeled as a flip flopper, and on top of the fact that hes a mormon, things dont look good for him.