Monday, December 11, 2006

Manchester GOP Promotes Christopherson

The head of the Manchester GOP is pushing for a new candidate to enter the race to be chairman of the New Hampshire GOP. Jerry Thibodeau, chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee, is promoting Liz Christopherson. Below is a e-mail he sent out about the race.

"I have in great concern for the New Hampshire Republican Party's future.
The two people that are running for office leave great doubts as to their ability to perform in both areas needed.
They must be a leader and they must be articulate.
Furgus Cullun is articulate, however; from what I have seen, he is not a leader.
Fran Wendelboe has the ability to lead but not the necessary skills to be articulate.
Fran also is entitled to her opinion but is not entitle to create facts.
Living in Hollis is a woman who fits all of the description needed to run the State Committee.
She has character, she is intelligent, she is articulate and she can lead.
Please call Liz Christopherson at *******.
Liz is concerned that she may not be the right person.
A little help from you may make the difference.
Thank you for your consideration for Liz Christopherson.


Jerry Thibodeau "

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