Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Game Time!!

"It's Game Time!!" Those were the opening words of Jennifer Donahue, at a post-election panel discussion. Tonight at St. Anselm College, Ms. Donahue moderated a panel talk with Professors Dante Scala, Dean Spiliotes, Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report, Scott Spradling of WMUR and Anne Kornblut from The New York Times. Each politico had a different take on the election. Scala described it as a "tsunami," while Walter said it was more like a tornado. All the analysts said that it is to early to calculate the impact of the Dems sweep and whether this is a permanent realignment of the country. They also agreed that the election was not a mandate for the Democrats, rather it was a vote against the GOP. The funniest part of the night was when Ms. Walter said, "Bernie Sanders now has a filibuster power...think about that" and compared the chairmans of the Congressional committees to the cast of "That 70's Show." Also, a student urged the panelists to call George Bush, "President Bush, not Bush."

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