Saturday, November 18, 2006

McCain Stresses Common Sense Conservatism

Last night, John McCains presidential exploratory committee e-mailed supporters. The e-mail was titled, "Common Sense Conservatism." Here is an excerpt of that e-mail:

I believe this truly is a time that we must put self-interest, partisanship and "politics as usual" aside. And that's because I believe that America is genuinely facing some of the gravest and most complex challenges in our history.

That's why we need to elect a leader with strong principles who will begin the presidency by listening - and I mean really listening - to the American people ... a President who will restore trust in the greatness of our democracy and hope for our future.

Everywhere I speak across this great land I try hard to remind Americans that we can no longer afford to play politics with the critical issues that confront our country today.

But beyond any specific policy or program, I believe the American people are looking for a renewed sense of community, a recognition that whatever our differences, we Americans are in this together, that citizenship means service to a cause greater than ourselves.

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