Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rudy, Clinton Still Lead

Here are the latest results from the latest Gallup poll

Giuliani 28
McCain 26
Rice 13
Gingrich 7
Romney 5
Frist 4
Allen 2
Pataki 1
Huckabee 1
Hagel 1
Brownback 1

Clinton 31
Obama 19
Edwards 10
Gore 9
Kerry 7
Biden 4
Clark 3
Richardson 2
Bayh 2
Vilsack 2
Feingold 1
Daschle 1
Dodd 1


Rob said...

I have no idea why anyone even looks at these polls... it's all name recognition right now...

it's like asking the man on the street who he'd rather marry... Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz or Jane Doe. Of course no one is going to pick Jane Doe because no one knows her. But once you get to know her she very well could be your future wife...

Charlie said...

Rob maks a very good point.