Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wendelboe's Ankel Biting

Ankel Biting Pundits conducted an interview with New Hampshire GOP Chairman candidate Fran Wendelboe. In the interview Wendelboe laid out the reasons why the GOP should support her for Chairman:

*the experience, historical perspective, and wide view of the challenges that currently face, and will face, the Republican party in NH and on a national level

* a comprehensive understanding of state legislative issues and the budget

* a demonstrated record of support for the Republican principles and the Republican platform

* a hands on intimate knowledge and understanding of the importance of the grassroots network

* the time and energy that will be required to put in the long hours necessary for success

*wide and extensive experience in being an effective and articulate spokesperson for all types of media

*possesses the background, talents, and skills needed to reach fund-raising goals and to motivate and bring together a team of volunteers to implement a variety of innovative programs to involve potential activists and supporters

The full interview can be found here: http://www.anklebitingpundits.com/content/?page_id=1221

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