Saturday, October 28, 2006

GOP Candidates Lack Coattails

To be considered a serious presidential candidate, Governors must help elect their successor to the post. This demonstrates that the candidate is popular in their state. Right now, the three GOP Governors, Pataki, Romney and Huckabee, considering a presidential run are an albatross for the candidates in their states. Here are the results of some data that I collected this afternoon.

Arkansas: Mike Huckabee is term-limited
Hutchinson (R): 40%
Bebe (D): 52%

Massachusetts: Mitt Romney decided not to run for re-election
Healey (R): 29%
Patrick (D): 54%

New York: George Pataki decided not to run for a fourth term
Fazo (R): 21%
Spitzer (D): 61%

Also, in all three of these states it appears that the Democrats will gain seats in the state legislatures. I guarantee we will see countless stories in The Globe and The Herald on Romney's inability to carry Healy into the Corner office. How much will the Republican Governors Association, Romney is head of the group, waste in Massachusetts?

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