Monday, October 23, 2006

Bayh Wants Some Credit

This is an interesting tidbit from the Indy Star.

"U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh hopes to get a share of the credit if Indiana Democrats do well at the polls next month.

Bayh's camp says he has been a model for how Democrats can win in Indiana, a model Bayh would take to other red states if he decides to run for president.

Bayh has campaigned with the state's most competitive congressional challengers and has more visits planned, including a trip Thursday and Friday.

The senator's initial electoral success is based on his father, former Sen. Birch Bayh, who also has been spending much of the month helping the same candidates.

Birch Bayh was clearly enjoying himself and the way he and his son are sometimes confused, as he addressed labor groups on behalf of Democrat Baron Hill on Thursday.

The elder Bayh, 78, said a man at a previous campaign appearance had grabbed him by the arm, saying he'd worked for Bayh's father 40 years ago.

"You did?" Birch Bayh asked him. "You sure you worked for my dad?"

"Yup," the man replied. "I worked hard for the old man."

"I am the old man," Bayh responded."

Senator Bayh will be in the state tomorrow. He also also paid PAC members working on various campaigns in the state. Seems that Bayh's approach is similar to Pataki's. That is, stay under the radar and build-up support through hardwork and personal connections.

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