Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Hampshire Loves Obama

It appears that New Hampshire Democrats are beginning to fall for Senator Barack Obama. Former radio talk show host and NECN favorite Arnie Arnesen said, "He's everything we want. You know why? Because he doesn't have a record. He's charming, he's attractive, he's articulate. He's our Rorschach test." Moreover, fomer Bill Clinton supporter and New Hampshire powerhouse attorney Chris Gallagher told the Concord Monitor, "He's obviously very smart. He's obviously very popular. He has star power. He may have more experience with Vogue and Annie Leibovitz than he does on the Senate floor. There seems to be no perfect package at the moment combining experience, substance and electability." Barack is becoming the anti-Clinton candidate that Bayh is trying to become. One of the differences between Bayh and Obama, Obama does not put people to sleep. Then again Bayh contains the experience that Obama lacks. Obama's entrance has already begun to change the dynamics of the race.

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