Sunday, October 22, 2006

Caucus Cooler

Below are the results of the odds of various presidential wanna-bes to win the Iowa Caucus. The results can be found here:

The Cooler Line

Mitt Romney 7-2
John McCain 5-1
George Pataki 7-1
Rudy Giuliani 8-1
Field 12-1
Mike Huckabee 25-2
Bill Frist 22-1
George Allen 25-1
Newt Gingrich 32-1
Sam Brownback 33-1
Chuck Hagel 500-1
John Cox 998-1
Condi Rice- OFF

How does the Iowa caucus affect the New Hampshire primary? Ask John Kerry and John Edwards the effect it can have. Both men had strong finishes that propelled them into the 2004 primary. Will the same happen in 2008?? I think it might, a weak showing by either McCain or Romney could spell trouble for them in New Hampshire. Especially, since McCain has to finish strong in Iowa to prevent stop an insurgent candidate like Romney.

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