Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rudy: GOP Plays Offensive!!

Rudy paid his first visit to the Granite State in almost two years. He spoke before the House Victory PAC and campaigned with Congressman Bradley. In Concord, Rudy said that the Republicans go on the offensive against terrorists, while the Democrats are the party of defensive. He also praised the Patriot Act, New Hampshire's low taxes and education system. An interesting side-note, as Rudy talked about the Patriot Act, Senator Sununu was seatedin the front row. Furthermore, Rudy identified Congressman Bass, but did not mention Bradley, rather he said, "I thank the congressional team." Does he know there are only four congressional members? Also, after his speech Rudy immediately left. He did not stay for photos or work the crowd. In fact, Rudy performance might earn him the nickname "Coburn Redux." That is his speech was has exciting as a Jim Coburn speech.

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