Monday, January 08, 2007

Gregg "In Romney's Camp", Maiola To Drive Winnebago

The Hotline is reporting that South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint is expected to endorse Mitt Romney tomorrow. Gov. Sanford and Sen. Graham are McCain supporters. The article also has this little tidbit: "In New Hampshire, Gov. John Lynch is a Democrat; Sen. John Sununu will not endorse in the primary, and Sen. Judd Gregg is said to be in Romney's camp, although his aides deny that he has picked his '08 candidate yet." The question now becomes, will Joel Maiola, Gregg's chief-of-staff and advisor to Karl Rove, drive the Romney campaign Winnebago?? After all, Maiola did drive Jeb Bradley's Winnebago.


Anonymous said...

Maiola and Gregg HATE McCain ever since McCain thumped Bush, who was backed by Gregg, in the 2000 New Hampshire Primary.

Maiola is one tough SOB with a reputation for liking the ladies. It will be interesting to see what his role on this whole 2008 thing is.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you want Maiola driving the bus? He couldn't keep up with the Coburn and NHGOP busses on Rt 101. Maybe BJ Perry will endorse Romeny and drive the bus (although I think he is going to drive the Huckabee bus).