Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lynch Supports Primary on C-SPAN

Governor John Lynch appeared on C-SPAN Saturday morning. His appearance was focused on the status of the New Hampshire Primary. The good folks of The Concord Monitor had the following story on his appearance:

"Appearing on C-SPAN yesterday morning, Lynch reiterated his belief that New Hampshire should retain its lock on the first primary and that contests in other states should be more spread out.

Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack's departure from the presidential race Friday is proof that the increasingly crowded calendar hurts qualified candidates who are unable to raise the money to compete, Lynch said. But he rejected a suggestion from one caller that the fierceness with which New Hampshire protects its primary - state law requires the primary to be held at least a week ahead of any other similar election - has contributed to the front-loading.

"The problem we see is other states moving up in the process," he said. "It's not what New Hampshire's doing, it's the fact that other states are moving up."

"We certainly don't want to be or don't position ourselves as king-makers, but we do think New Hampshire is the place to start because we offer candidates a level playing field," he said."

For a copy of the program, go to C-SPAN's Washington Journal website:

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