Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dodd: Why Don't You Join Me

It appears that Senator Chris Dodd does not want to be left standing at the altar. The Dodd campaign released a statement urging other presidential candidates to appear at the April 5th debate. The statement read:

"Senator Dodd will be front and center at the April 5th debate. New Hampshire voters deserve a chance to see presidential candidates on one stage answering tough questions. If it's not too early in the campaign season for candidates to host million dollar fundraisers, it's not too early to debate the issues."

On April 5th, the Union Leader, CNN and WMUR-TV will co-sponsor a debate for the Democratic presidential contenders.

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Anonymous said...

John Edwards, in his recent WMUR "Conversation with the candidate" said he "would be here" for the upcoming WMUR/CNN/UL debate. Has anyone seen any official releases from his campaign?