Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vanderbeek To Manage Huckabee; Will Captain America Be Resurrected?

Former Jeb Bradley chief of staff, Deb Vanderbeek, will be managing Mike Huckabee's New Hampshire campaign. She will be joining the Hurst family in directing the governor's presidential efforts. Ms. Vanderbeek told The Union Leader that "He [Huckabee] brings a fresh face and an optimistic message. He wants to run a true grassroots campaign. Everybody talks about it, but we're actually doing to do it. Granted, he's not a known quantity like (Giuliani and McCain), but he will be." No word yet whether or not Vanderbeek will resurrect the famous Captain America suit, from the last Bradley campaign.

**Comic book fanatics will note that Captain America is being killed off by Marvel comics. He will be the victim of a sniper's bullet.**

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