Wednesday, April 11, 2007

McCain Chats With Bloggers

This afternoon I participated in a blogger conference call with Senator McCain. McCain spend the half-hour discussing his Iraq speech at the Virginia Military Institute. In his opening remarks McCain said that "too often the American people have been misled." However, his trip to Iraq demonstrated that "there are signs of success and the strategy must be given a chance to succeed." Also, during the question-and-answer period McCain said "for four years we have been screwing this [Iraq] up" McCain also promised that as President he would give a war update every two weeks and continue to participate in blogger conference calls. Here are some more quotes from the McCain:

-"I don’t care what effect this position has on my political aspirations"
-"Some in mainstream media will not report positive news out of Iraq. So we must use alternate media like blogs, websites and call-ins to radio stations"
-In regards to troop strength and personnel issues: "There is not a sense of urgency in some quarters, the Pentagon, and the State Department is not yet fully engaged in the conflict."

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