Sunday, April 08, 2007

Richardson: Where's Manchester?

It appears that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson might want to beef up on his New Hampshire geography. Here's a little tidbit from The Concord Monitor:

"Familiarity with New Hampshire's geography is usually a good sign of a committed presidential candidate.

On Wednesday, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson pointed out his correct pronunciation of one city's name: "BER-lin! I said 'Ber-LIN' once, and someone almost took my head off," he told students at New England College in Henniker.

But even the most studious candidate can get tripped up, as Richardson later showed. During a discussion of health care, he asked where veterans had to travel to the nearest VA hospital. It's in Manchester, the crowd said.

"Manchester, Manchester," Richardson said. "Where are we now? Are we near Manchester?"

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