Sunday, July 29, 2007

The 411 on the 603


Rebecca said...

I met several other fans of yours at the Richardson thing in Pelham and the Londonderry Edwards thing this weekend! We were all saying how wonderful your site is for finding out what's going on with both sides of the campain. Thanks for your hard work!

I'll email the writeups I did for my friends when I get a chance...

Cosmo said...

Thank you for those kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cosmo! I saw Senator Edwards speak in Londonderry today. The lady behind me said she found out about the event on a blog "where some guy knows everything that is going on!". I asked if it was nh2008 and if it had a greenish background-sure enough it was you! Keep up the good (no, great!) work.


Anonymous said...

Edwards brings out the class warfare. (yawn)
Edwards is anti-business, therefore against you and me.
Edwards thinks government does such a good job they should be entrusted with health care? No thanks.
Edwards says Washington is broken?
Edwards has no clue.