Saturday, July 28, 2007

Edwards Announces "Environmentalists for Edwards"

While campaigning in Epping, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards announced the creation of the group "Environmentalists for Edwards." The group will advise Edwards on environmental issues and help promote Edwards' plan to build a "New Energy Economy."

According to the campaign,

"The group will be chaired by Rep. Jay Phinizy and Rep. David Essex, the Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of the House Environment and Agriculture Committee. The members of the committee are Joanne Allison Sparks, North Conway environmental activist; Maureen Westrick of Intervale and founder of the Fertile Valley Initiative; Margaret Ridgely , North Sandwich member of New Hampshire Audubon; Samuel Wasmuth, Wolfeboro member of Sierra Club; Jennifer Snow, Stratham environmental activist; Kay Delanoy, Keene environmental activist; Donna Thompson, Derry environmental activist; Joseph Cullum, Spofford environmental activist and Ron Poltak, Auburn environmental activist. "

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