Monday, September 17, 2007

Clinton, Romney Continue To Lead Field

A new Franklin Pierce University/WBZ Poll shows that Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton continue to lead their respective fields, in the Granite State. The poll was taken from September 11th-14th and has a margin of error of 4.9%

The poll shows Clinton with a double-digit lead over Obama, while Richardson is closely behind Edwards. It also shows Mitt Romney leading the Republicans, with Fred Thompson registering at just 8 percent.

Here are the complete results and a link to the polls:


Clinton: 36%
Obama: 18%
Edwards: 12%
Richardson: 10%
Gore: 5%
Kucinich: 3%
Biden: 3%
Dodd: 1%
Gravel: 1%
Undecided: 11%


Romney: 30%
Giuliani: 23%
McCain: 14%
Thompson: 8%
Gingrich: 3%
Paul: 3%
Huckabee: 2%
Tancredo: 1%
Brownback: 1%
Hunter: 1%
Hagel: 1%
Undecided: 12%