Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pauls Gains Endorsement of State Rep

The Ron Paul campaign announced that it has gained the endorsement of State Representative Paul Ingbretson. Representative Ingbretson was first elected in 2002 and represents Benton, Haverhill, Piermont, and Warren.

In a campaign press release, Ingbretson said that he was endorsing Paul because "Congressman Ron Paul understands, like no presidential candidate in recent history, that the central purpose of government in America is to secure the liberty of her citizens. He has the unbelievable integrity and guts to speak out and vote the liberty agenda of the Founding Fathers—not once, or occasionally, but every time. Never in my lifetime have I seen anyone running for president so oriented and in these days of Patriot Act madness I endorse his candidacy unequivocally."