Monday, November 12, 2007

Dennehy: Shift Towards McCain Similar To 2000

A not-so confidential memo from John McCain's national political director, Mike Dennehy.

"This shift in momentum has a similar feel as in the 2000 campaign. Crowds at our Town Hall meetings are growing and getting much more enthusiastic, veterans are showing up at campaign events in droves, and phone calls and emails to our headquarters are keeping our volunteers overtime.

You will see John in every corner of the state in the weeks ahead and we’ll need your help more than ever. As more and more voters tune in to the race, we expect to have the same success converting undecideds into supporters. We need to grow our local organizations and turn your friends and neighbors into supporters too. If this conversion rate holds, we’ll be taking the lead for good on, or even earlier than, January 8 – when we EXPECT the Primary to be held."

For the full memo go here: "Confidential" Mike Dennehy New Hampshire Memo

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