Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hirshberg: Waiting To Make Formal Endorsement

This item appeared in The Concord Monitor's Capital Beat:

"Since Tom Vilsack dropped out of the 2008 presidential race, Stonyfield Farms CEO Gary Hirshberg has become a must-see for Democratic presidential candidates. So far, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Barack Obama and Edwards have met him at his Londonderry plant or his home in Concord.

In 2004, Hirshberg supported Edwards after Howard Dean dropped out of the race. This time, he was an early supporter of Vilsack. The day Vilsack ended his run, Hirshberg fielded a call from Obama.

Now he says he is financially supporting both Edwards's and Obama's campaigns but is waiting to make a formal endorsement. Hirshberg has previously shied away from supporting presidential candidates who are senators. But Edwards is no longer a senator, and Obama isn't "really a senator, because he hasn't been there long enough," Hirshberg said.

None of the Republican candidates have paid him a visit, but they are welcome. "We've got plenty of Republican voters at Stonyfield, and certainly our doors are not only open to Democrats," Hirshberg said."

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