Monday, April 16, 2007

Kucinich: Summer Home Was A Metaphor

It appears that Dennis Kucinich will not be buying a summer home in the Granite State. This is from The Hotline:

Dennis Kucinich "has been spending so much time on the stump" in NH, there were "rumors" he's going to buy a summer home in the state for the coming months. But Kucinich confirmed that he isn't "planning to buy a home" in NH despite the reports in several New England news outlets. The misunderstanding stemmed from a tongue-in-cheek comment that Kucinich made last week at a NH bookstore, as he described the time he's spent campaigning in the state. Kucinich spokesperson Sharon Jimenez: "It was a metaphor. He's going to be giving a great deal of his time to New Hampshire, but he's not going to be living there" (Eaton,, 4/13).

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Jonathan Spera said...

Giuliani is an idiot.