Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dems Applaud Lynch, Civil Unions Bill

This afternoon, Democratic presidential candidates released statements supporting Gov. Lynch's decision to sign the Civil Unions legislation into law. Here are statements from Senators Clinton, Dodd and Edwards.

Clinton: “The state of New Hampshire has a lot to be proud of today. Governor John Lynch and the Granite State legislature have shown commendable leadership in their efforts to end discrimination against gays and lesbians,” said Senator Clinton. “I applaud New Hampshire for moving forward and continuing to lead the country in protecting the rights and freedoms of all its citizens.”

Dodd: "I applaud Governor Lynch and the New Hampshire Legislature for passing the Civil Unions legislation, ensuring that all couples enjoy the same rights and freedoms regardless of their sexual orientation," said Dodd. "With two young daughters of my own, I want to ensure that they grow up in a world that is free of discrimination. That is why I supported Civil Unions in my home state of Connecticut and it is why I am proud to see John Lynch and the State Legislature doing the right thing here in New Hampshire."

Edwards: "Governor Lynch and the state of New Hampshire have shown true leadership in the ongoing battle against discrimination that so many Americans face every day in this country. By recognizing that committed same-sex couples should have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens, New Hampshire has taken an important step in the name of two of the most fundamental American ideals -- fairness and equal rights."

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