Friday, June 01, 2007

Rudy To Appear At Debate, New Castle Town Hall Meeting

In addition to participating in the CNN/WMUR/Union Leader debate, Rudy Giuliani will also host a town hall meeting in New Castle. Here are the details:

Tuesday, June 5th - 6:30 PM

Debate Watching Party At The Wayfarer Inn, Bedford, NH
After the rally, we will watch the New Hampshire GOP presidential debate at the Wayfarer Inn, 121 South River Road in Bedford. Come and join the excitement with other Rudy supporters for food and a great debate beginning at 6:30 PM.

Rudy will be joining us after the debate to thank everyone for their support! He's looking forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday, June 6th - 9:00 AM

Seacoast Town Hall Meeting, New Castle, NH
New Castle Commons Building
301 Wentworth Road
New Castle, NH 03854


Anonymous said...

RON PAUL give equal time with the mob boss giuliani will CLEAN HIS CLOCK.

Anonymous said...

Rudy needs to stop criticizing Democrats and he should explain GOP base why he should be the nominee..Why a pro-choice and pro-gay rights should be the Republican nominee?? He thinks that because he was the Mayor of NY, whome he stopped the search for remains of first responder. He doesn't support first responder. He didn't supply them with the equipment they needed they needed in the terrorist attacks in 9/11. He refused to talk to First Responder convention. Why? He needs some explaning to do. A pro-choice candidated should not be the Republican nominee. ..

Anonymous said...

Giulani stumbles on immigration...Does he knows what he is saying?? He is a flip flopper on immigration. He needed the support in NY from immigrants. We cannot have a temper proof ID.. That will cost too much money. It is not fisible for use to have a national ID. In order to be President, we have to be realistic.

Anonymous said...

Rudy stumbles on Abortion. He doesn't even know what to answer anymore. I don't think that a pro -abortion candidate should run for the Republican nomination. He needs more explaining to do.

PaleoCon said...

After Paul Cleans up again what are the GOPAC Hannity crowd going to say.