Monday, June 11, 2007

The 411 on the 603

The 411 on the 603:


The Primary Source covers the new CNN/WMUR poll

While, Howard Dean proclaims that we're still important

In case you didn't know, John Edwards visited Exeter and had this to say, "We desperately need to end the war in Iraq."


The Clacker ponders whether or not Ron Paul is poised to move up in the polls: Ron Paul - Moving Beyond A Blip In New Hampshire?

And a Ron Paul RV was spotted at the Laconia Bike Week

The folks over at the Carbon Coalition, explain Edwards loves renewable enegy

DemocracyFest, aka DFest, was held this weekend and here's a run down of articles on the event: Compendium of DFest articles

For a comprehensive look at Granite State news, please visit:

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