Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dodd To Launch Two New New Hampshire Ads

From the Chris Dodd campaign:

Today, the Dodd for President Campaign announced two new ads, which will begin running today in Iowa and New Hampshire. The ads highlight Senator Dodd's experience and his vision for America as President.

The first ad, "Amazing Grace", which is narrated by Senator Dodd, features Grace Dodd, his eldest daughter, and details why Dodd is running for President. The second ad, "Split", draws attention to Senator Dodd's long commitment to public service, beginning when he was 22 and joined the Peace Corps and extending throughout his career in Congress. Dodd served in the Dominican Republic while in the Peace Corps, where he became fluent in Spanish.

Both ads can be viewed at www.chrisdodd.com. The scripts for "Amazing Grace" and "Split" are below.

"Amazing Grace"

"I was blessed to become a first time father at age fifty-seven. Our daughter Grace was born two days after 9/11 into a very changed world. I want my campaign to be about all of our children and the kind of world we give them. I intend to offer the boldest most creative approaches I can to make our country more secure, to stop global warming and to restore our moral leadership.

"I'm Chris Dodd, I'm running for President, and I approved this message because I know that America can lead the world again."


"At 22 he joined the Peace Corps building schools and trust.

"His Family and Medical Leave Act has allowed fifty million Americans to take time off to care for a newborn or sick family member.

"He's worked with world leaders to build alliances and end conflicts.

"Now Chris Dodd is running for President, with the strongest plan to get us out of Iraq, and the boldest plan for energy independence.

"Have you asked what the others have done?"

"I'm Chris Dodd and I approved this message."

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