Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dems Release Press Releases

Several Democratic Presidential campaigns have released press releases on their performances. The releases read:

Clinton: "The Reviews Are In: 'She Won,' 'It Was Hillary's Night,' 'Dominate' The release was a composition of quotes from David Gergen, J.C. Watt and Rick Klein and others

Dodd: "Dodd Demonstrates Presidential Leadership In Second Debate" The release stated that, "Despite the disproportionate amount of time alloted each candidate Chris Dodd again demonstrated that he is the only candidate with the conviction and boldness to solve the challenges the country faces."

Edwards: "Strong Preformer"; "Smart" and " Bold" This release also was comprised up of quotes from politicos such as Chuck Todd, Donna Brazile and Larry King.

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Anonymous said...

The 10,000 pound elephant in the room that is being ignored is Hillary Clinton under oath in Los Angeles Superior Court this year in Paul v Clinton. She has filed four false FEC reports, induced an illegal $1.6 million in-kind donation from Pete Paul (we have it on tape), and participated in the collapse of Stan Lee Media. The California Appellate Court will decide soon whether to bring her back in as a defendant. Also under oath will be Bill, Chelsea, McAuliffe, Rendell, Larry King, Stan Lee (yes, Spiderman), Kelly Craighead, David Rosen, Howard Wolfson, Streisand, and a plethora of the Hollywood elite. It is going to change everything for 2008.