Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In My Humble Opinion (Part 2)

Here are some observations from the Republican debate.

-Did anyone else see Dr. Dante Scala behind WMUR's Spaulding? Take about product placement!!
-The clear winner in all this was St. Anselm College. They got lots of name recognition and has already landed debates with ABC and Fox.
-Iraq and immigration dominated the debate. Though, it was interesting that question topics included evolution, English and homosexuals in the military.
-All in all, in my humble opinion the field does not change...that is until Fred and/or Newt joins the race.

Note: The St. Anselm College Portraits Magazine reads, "In addition to hosting the debates June 3 and 5 with CNN as the lead sponsor, Saint Anselm College has agreed to two national media partnerships for the 2008 primary season--one with ABC News and the other with Fox News.

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Anonymous said...

Wwhat do you mean has already landed debates with Fox and ABC? Do you mean the debates held in 2004 or did we land Fox's september debates as well?