Monday, June 04, 2007

Lobsterman Offers Complimentary Lobster Dinners

The Lobsterman e-mailed the following statement, announcing his presidential intentions:

JEFF "Lobsterman" COSTA for PRESIDENT 2008 Jeff Costa NH's only homegrown Presidential candidate and self proclaimed "WORLD's BIGGEST LONGSHOT" in the race for the White House as a WRITE-IN Candidate today is issuing a message to all potential voters who may see him as a viable alternative to the current wave of Candidates seen on the recent Debates that COSTA has not been invited to.

"If I Jeffrey Costa The Lobsterman am elected President of The United States of America through the support of write-in votes that are counted manually not electronically and prove that I and no other running Candidate have been voted for by the people as the Popular choice as President. I WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE THAT WROTE IN A VOTE FOR ME IS SUPPLIED WITH A COMPLIMENTARY LOBSTER DINNER FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY TO CELEBRATE MY VICTORY"

We are aware of the logistical problems that may arise arranging these dinners and we are working on a plan for the Celebration dinners as the Campaign progresses.

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