Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Stars In New Ad

From the Edwards campaign:

The John Edwards for President campaign today unveiled its second New Hampshire TV ad of the campaign and the first featuring Elizabeth Edwards. The ad, entitled “30 Years,” features Elizabeth Edwards, the person who knows John Edwards best, discussing her husband’s strength and character.

View the ad at:

Full Script of “30 Years”
I have been blessed for the last 30 years
To be married to the most optimistic person that I have ever met
But at the same time he has an unbelievable toughness
Particularly about other people and that is his ability to fight for them
You’re not going to out smart him
He works harder than any human being that I know, always has
It’s unbelievably important that in our president we have someone
Who can stare the worst in the face
And not blink
“I’m John Edwards and I approve this message”

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