Friday, July 20, 2007

Rolling In The Benjamins

Here is a breakdown of how much money the top New Hampshire staffers, from the top three presidential candidates, made during the second fiscal quarter. I'm sure some campaigns will e-mail me with corrections, so I will update the figures throughout the weekend.


Jim Merrill, State Director: $22,912.92
Jamie Burnett, Political Director: $16, 783.80

Wayne Semprini, Chairman: $22, 327.80
Jennifer Hallowell, Executive Director: $7, 854.98 (joined in 2nd quarter)
David Tille, Political Director: $21, 151.80

Jim Barnett, Campaign Manager: $23, 159.46
Michael Dennehy, State Based Consultant: $27, 153. 87


Nick Clemons, State Director: $25, 170.84
Sarah Nolan, Political Director: $14, 780. 58
Tracey Lewis, State Field Coordinator: $16, 811.40

Beth Leonard, State Director: $19, 305
James Katz, Political Director: $13, 029. 42

Matt Rodriguez, State Director: $22, 797.48
Mike Cuzzi, Deputy State Director: $4, 726. 24 (joined in 2nd quarter)

Multiply those numbers by four and you get some hefty yearly salaries. Who ever said that being a campaign worker didn't pay the bills.

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Steven Smith said...

Oh sure. When I was given a territory to manage, I jokingly asked for triple what i was getting paid to coordinate NH... of course 3 times zero is still zero...