Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Former Manchester Mayor To Co-Chair Clinton's "Mayors Council"

This afternoon, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced that it has formed a "Mayors Council" comprised up of 100 Mayors. Former Manchester Mayor Sylvio Dupuis will co-chair the council. Dupuis served in City Hall from 1972-1975. He left the post to become the founding president of the as founding president of the Catholic Medical Center in Manchester and served as the Director of Health and Human Services for New Hampshire. In 2004, Dupuis was an active supporter of General Wesley Clark.

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Anonymous said...

hi,i've watch a couple minutes of council meeting here in merrimack nh and got along fine.new surprises everyday ect..my home town, newport news va is where i came from and moved here May 19 2007.I would like to move back to my people which are very close to me in my life but they want me to get off of ssi and get a job.my next visit is on August 8 2007 and i am going to live in va.i think i want to get more involved with town councils where i live everywhere with any means possable.i chose internet this time around.so if you could please help me comute back to va that would really make me want to learn more.mabey a transaction of some legal documents among the council?may the law be with you!