Thursday, February 08, 2007

Clinton Taps Clemons

On the eve of her first trip to the Granite State, Senator Clinton has picked up a pretty big fish. Clinton has hired Democratic Party executive director Nick Clemons to be her state director.

From The Hotline:

"Sen. Hillary Clinton has chosen NH Dem Party exec. dir Nick Clemons as her state director, capping off an intensive search-and-interview process by snagging the most in-demand operative in the state.

In 2006, Clemons supervised the political and field operation that helped Democrats take over both New Hampshire legislative chambers and gain control of its two House seats. He’s in near-daily contact with key county chairs, and knows all the major organizers.

Many New Hampshire Democrats loyal to Clinton were active in the party more than a dozen years ago, and others have migrated to opposing campaigns. Clemons brings both youth and experience, an eagle’s eye for talent, and an insider’s perspective on more recent elections in the state."

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