Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kucinich: I'm The King of The Granite State!!

Democratic House Representative Dennis Kucinich, and former 2004 presidential candidate, was in the state this weekend. In this photo Kucinich is standing on a swivel chair while a woman spins him. The Ohio Congressman was mimicking a puppet, without strings. He was underscoring his assertion that his campaign not beholden to special interest groups. The event happened at the meet and greet sponsored by Keene and Cheshire County Democrats.

Also, at the event 'Hemp Man' asked Kucinich about his views regarding laws regulating the use of Mary Jane/The Green Guy/Reefer. Kucinich said that, "I am, after all, running for a 'high' office. The remark was greeted with much laughter and pipe passing.

***The Photo is ©Chris Fitzgerald/***

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