Monday, February 05, 2007

Did Obama Snub NH Dems?

This is from The Hotline:

"On Friday, rumors began to circulate through Democratic circles that Sen. Barack Obama committed a high grade faux pas: he stood up New Hampshire Democrats.

Here's the real story: About 15 Democrats from New Hampshire expected to meet with Obama after he finished speaking Friday morning. They waited for almost twenty minutes; he never showed up. A few of the folks who waited felt stiffed. But it wasn't really Obama's fault. The DNC meeting started a half hour late, and the speeches all went long. So both Sen. Obama and the NH delegation were pressed for time. Obama had to cancel his meeting, and the folks waiting in the room for Obama weren't informed.

"We all thought he gave an excellent speech on Friday," NH Dem chair Kathy Sullivan says. As to Obama's non-appearance: "These things happen. It was a crazy day."

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