Monday, February 19, 2007

CNN: Lincoln Beats Reagan

This from CNN: When it comes to the best American president ever, Abraham Lincoln edges out Ronald Reagan in a squeaker, according to a USA Today/Gallup Poll released Monday.

Nearly 18 percent of Americans regard Lincoln the "greatest United States president," while 16 percent give "the Gipper" that nod.

This poll differs from a similar one taken two years ago that found Reagan to be the best president with 20 percent of the vote, followed by Bill Clinton with 15 percent and Lincoln with 14 percent. Clinton comes in fourth in this year's poll with 13 percent.Current president, George W. Bush, comes in eighth in this year's poll with two percent of the vote -- falling two spots from the earlier poll when he came in sixth with five percent.

The poll was conducted from February 9-11 and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.USA Today/Gallup Poll of 1,006 national adults age 18 and over conducted Feb. 9-11.

Abraham Lincoln: 18%
Ronald Reagan: 16%
John Kennedy: 14%
Bill Clinton: 13%
Franklin Roosevelt: 9%
George Washington: 7%
Harry Truman: 3%
George W. Bush: 2%
Theodore Roosevelt: 2%
Dwight Eisenhower: 2%
Thomas Jefferson: 2%
Jimmy Carter: 2%
Gerald Ford: 1%
George Bush, Sr.: 1%

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Laura said...

I'm surprised FDR only got 9%. I certainly think he had a lot more memorable accomplishments as president than JFK, who was only in office for three years and really didn't do that much despite the sainted status he's attained since his death.