Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ron Paul Speaks In Derry

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, will visit with a Derry taxpayer group on Friday night to talk about his possible bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Paul's speech to the Alliance of Derry Taxpayers is scheduled for 7p.m. at the Marion Gerrish Community Center at 39 West Broadway. Paul recently formed a presidential exploratory committee to consider a run for the 2008 Republican nomination.


disinter said...

Ron Paul announces Presidential Exploratory Committee

Eric Dondero said...

Rudy Giuliani is the much better candidate for libertarian-minded voters for 2008. Ron Paul doesn’t understand the threat that the country faces from Islamo-Fascism. He thinks that if we just surrender to the Islamo-Fascists that they will go away and leave us alone.

If we surrender to the Islamo-Fascists, they will be on our border lobbing scud missles at Brownsville, El Paso, Tucson, and San Diego faster than you can say “Allah AhuAhkbar.”

Giuliani understands the threat from Islamo-Fascism and will fight a real War on Terror, not some politically correct, soft-bellied War like Bush is fighting.

Plus, Rudy is a Tax Cutter, a Privatizer, and Tolerant on social matters.

Libertarians nationwide are rallying behind Rudy. Just today we learn that a bunch of Top libertarian and conservative California Congressman and Legislators are endorsing Giuliani.

Libertarians for Giuliani at

Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)
1997 - 2003

Anonymous said...

Sorry Eric, Rudy is no libertarian and not even a conservative. He's a liberal!

366 of us this weekend could not be wrong! We raised $14,000 for Ron and we will keep on going. Ron is 100% Constitutionalist...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Eric, Ron is a true conservative and libertarian. Rudy is a just a liberal.

366 people and $14,000 this weekend proves that Ron has solid support.

Webmistress of the Dark said...

Rudy Giuliani? I just about busted a gut when I read this....he's no conservative never mind a libertarian.

Eric Dondero said...

Latest poll Rudy leads Ron Paul 53 to 1.

If Rudy isn't a "libertarian" than why are so many top libertarians like David Dreier and Dennis Miller supporting him?

And why is it that no less than 6 major media outlets have called him a "libertarian" in the last few weeks?