Sunday, February 18, 2007

Richardson's Trip

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was in the state this weekend. Here are some highlights of his trip:

-He acknowledged his low name recognition, but stated that it was slowly improving.
-Had pretty good turnout at his events.
-He cited the fact that's he's a governor as an indication of his viability as a candidate. He then listed off names off successful governors who ran for president, like Cater, Reagan, Bush... he stopped at the name of Bush and made a critical remark, which drew laughter.
-Told Dems that if elected "The first day I would get us out of Iraq." Also, "We can't afford to have a President without foreign policy training."
- From GreenMoutainPolitics1: "We watched Richardson, in the middle of a conversation with a NH State Rep, reach down and STROKE the end of a Potluck French baguette with his pinkie finger.
Lovingly. Tenderly. So unfortunately.
And then, just as quickly as he had reached for the dough in the first place, he pulled his hand away and left the jilted baguette on the table.For some other lucky dinner guest."
***The Photo is ©Chris Fitzgerald/***

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Anonymous said...

I found your post on Gov. Richardson’s visit disingenuous as well as juvenile.
Whether you support his candidacy or not - his resume deserves your respect. He has been a UN ambassador, Secty. Of Energy, served in Congress and has accomplished many good things for the folks her represents in New Mexico.
For example, name one candidate who has addressed Darfur – has has directly and effectively broking change.
Read, learn, inform…