Monday, May 07, 2007

Romney Takes The Lead, Clinton Leads Dems

A new WBZ-TV poll shows that Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton has taken the lead in the Granite State. In response to the poll, Romney consultant Rich Killion said “It’s another example of how the Governor and his message of bringing real change to Washington is resonating with Granite Staters. But the only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day. That’s why we’re focused on building a top notch campaign organization in this state. One that captures and builds on the excitement and interest the Governor continually generates as he connects with voters at the retail level.” Here are the poll results:

The GOP:

Romney: 32%
Giuliani: 23%
McCain: 22%
F. Thompson: 11%
Gingrich: 4%
Other: 5%
Undecided: 3%

The Dems:

Clinton: 40%
Obama: 24%
Edwards: 22%
Other: 10%
Undecided: 4%

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