Friday, May 11, 2007

Ron Paul Gains Major NH Endorsement

James "The Primary Source" Pindell is reporting that:

"Former New Hampshire state Representative Barbara Hagan of Manchester has endorsed Texas Congressman Ron Paul's presidential campaign and will organize outreach to the state's pro-life community."

Here's his story:


Anonymous said...

Good for Barbara Hagan. I hope Dr. Paul gains traction in NH. Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo are the only candidates of either party who mentioned constitutional government vs. a grab-bag of "free benefits" they want to buy the election with. What a concept. You can have the Flexible Flyer "leaders": Rudy the democrat, John "what's the first amendment?" McCain and "resembles Reagan from the hairline up" Romney. I will take a man or woman who institutes a return to constitutional government, who defends our borders, who kills the "NA Union," and who removes the USA from the insane and incompetently-run war that G.W. "please jist gimme another chance!" Bush has started--perhaps as a diversionary tactic to mask his Mexico-Canada Axis. He should have invaded Mexico if he wanted to "promote democracy."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous that makes you, myself and at least 275,000,000 other Americans. WE HAVE TO HAVE INTEGRITY AND HONESTY OTHERWISE GOOD PEOPLE GET KILLED IN LIARS WARS..