Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The 411 on the 603

The 411 on the 603

John Edwards and New Hampshire: Is it a "love-hate relationship" or more of a "you better not call me again" relationship? That's what James Pindell and Ben Smith attempt to figure out.

It's that time of the cycle, when campaigns begin to hire college interns and place them in field offices.

And the Romney campaign answer calls about his security detail. Elliott and the Clacker cover the story.

Finally, how many headaches do you think Reid Cherlin had today, after he read that his team told a blogger to go home and the story found its way onto Blue Hampshire.

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manchdem said...

Pindell's story basically gets it right: Edwards has no business counting on New Hampshire to help him "stay alive" -- especially after the lame effort and coolness he's shown New Hampshire voters over the years.