Friday, June 22, 2007

Sangenario With Romney, Not McCain

Today, we received a statement from John Sangenario announcing that he is a Romney supporter. Apparently, John McCain's campaign thought he was a supporter of theirs and listed him as a member of McCain's New Hampshire Veterans Advisory Coalition. Here is the statement:

“I was surprised to learn today that somehow my name was mistakenly put on a list of veterans supporting Senator McCain for president. I never agreed to serve on his New Hampshire Veterans Advisory Coalition. To be clear, I am not supporting the Senator. I have long believed that Mitt Romney is the best person to be our next president. Last year I served as a member of the Governor’s Commonwealth PAC Steering Committee and today I am proud to serve as Mitt Romney’s Hampton Town Chairman. This weekend I’ll be putting a Mitt Romney for President sign in my front yard so that the whole world knows who I support.”

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