Friday, June 22, 2007

Obama To Pledge Sweeping Ethics Reforms; Connect To 'New Politics' Theme

Photo is: ©Chris Fitzgerald/

According to a campaign press release, today Senator Obama will propose, "pledge to enact the most sweeping ethics reform package in history on his first day as President." Obama's plan includes closing the revolving door between the government and the private sector; ending no-bid contracts; increasing access to information and restoring objectivity to the presidency. In the speech, Obama will connect his 'new kind of politics campaign' with government reform. He will say,

"The people I’ve met across this country don’t just want reform for reform’s sake, they want reform that will help pay their doctor’s bills, or ensure that their tax dollars are spent wisely, or put us on the path to energy independence. They want real reform and they’re tired of the lobbyists standing in the way.”

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