Monday, August 20, 2007

Edwards Announces Seacoast Support

Today, John Edwards New Hampshire campaign announced the support of 26 activists from the Seacoast. These activists will help form the Edwards for President Seacoast Regional Leadership Committee. The list includes a Town Chair, an NEA Executive Board Member, three State Representatives, the former Chair of Veterans for Kerry and a Republican activist.

Here is the list:

Elias Abelson; Seacoast Regional Co-Chair, Veterans for Kerry
Isobel Abelson
Nancy Beach; Community Radio Host
Elisa Bolton
Jaci Cali-Pitts; State Representative
Larry Day; North Hampton small business owner; Republican
Judith Day; State Representative
Bob Dillon
Robert Donohue
Michael Donovan
Doug Flockhart; Exeter Democrats Board Member
Mary Fontaine
Julie Gilman; Exeter Selectwoman
Linda Griebsch
Janet Groat
Jaci Grote; Founder, Rye Energy Conservation Comm.
Otto Grote; State Representative
Lyn Lord
Laurie McCray
Meg Middleton; Community Radio Host
Chris Muns
Joe Pace; Exeter Democrats Town Chair
Steve Shulman
Thomas Watson
Brian Wazlaw; NEA-NH Executive Board Member
Kim Yacobucci

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