Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Edwards Announces Strafford County Endorsements

You guessed it, today John Edwards issued another round of endorsements. This time the 31 activists hail from Stratfford County. "These endorsers include four State Representatives, three School Board members, two former State Senators (including the Strafford County Register of Deeds), a former Mayor, a Democratic Town Chair." The list also includes Paula DiNardo, a fan of the site and blogger at: http://frontrowseat.blogspot.com/

The Following Stratfford Country Activists Have Endorsed Senator John Edwards:

Marianne Fortescue
Marlene DeChane; State Representative; 2nd Vice-President, SEIU 1984
Betsy Andrews-Parker; Former Dover City Council Member
Howard Williams; Former Mayor of Dover
Jennifer Brown; State Representative
Paula DiNardo; http://frontrowseat.blogspot.com/
Bill McCann; Town Chair, Dover Democrats
Stephanie Bradley-Swift
Ruth Davis
Lia Daniels
Susan McGeough; Vice-Chair, Epping Board of Selectmen
Nancy Murphy
Robert Murphy
Wilma Yowell
Leo Lessard; Strafford County Recorder of Deeds; Former State Senator
Robert Srnec; State Representative
Claire Williams
Arthur Doyle
Margaret Doyle
Christopher Brewer
Caroline McCarley; Former State Senator
Audrey Stevens; Rochester School Board Member
Robert Watson; State Representative; Rochester School Board Member
Candace Weeks
Rev. Mark Hamilton; Reverend, Rochester First Church Congregational
Sally Hamilton
Ray Lundborn; Rochester City Council Member
Frank Callaghan; Rochester School Board Member; Former State Rep
Dot Callaghan
Charles DeVito; Rochester School Board Member
Elaine Grant

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