Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Obama Invites Book Club Hosts To Nashua Baseball Game

From The Obama campaign:

"Senator Barack Obama has invited the hosts of the From Doubt to Hope book clubs to be his guests at the Nashua Pride game at Holman Stadium tonight. After spending the summer discussing Obama’s background with other voters, the book club hosts will be able to ask him questions face to face.

Volunteers have been hosting book clubs around the state to introduce undecided voters to Obama’s background by reading his book Dreams From my Father. Reading this unvarnished personal history offers voters a unique opportunity to find out more about Obama and the experiences that shaped him into the leader he is today."

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Anonymous said...

Boring! You are missing all the scoops on the guy who is winning all the straw polls...Ron Paul..

Strafford County 208 for Ron to 27 was the closest second for Mitt.

The birthday party was awesome....big crowds everywhere. I know the person who has the scoop and I'm going to have her send you the info...